03.14.12 Is Your Research, Clinical, or Diagnostic Biocontainment Program Compliant? The NIH Guidelines are an extensive set of requirements needing a multifaceted approach for compliance.
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07.11.11 Lessons Learned from BSL3 Autopsy Facilities. From Hantavirus incidents in the American Southwest to the “anthrax letters” of 2001, Federal and State government health officials have seen the need for autopsy facilities designed to BSL3 guidelines.
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The demands for biosafety, biosecurity, and biorisk management have dynamically changed over the past several years. Highly publicized events involving issues of biocontainment, public and global health, and biosecurity have raised public and legislative alarm.

Domestically, there has been a greater impetus on protecting funding for Federal and state initiatives, academic programs, and research within private organizations, providing a focus on engineering and operational compliance. Internationally, predominately in developing regions, current laboratories are progressively lagging compared to facilities and programs employed in developed countries. Despite compromised health and laboratory networks, the proliferation of clinical and diagnostic laboratories, biosafety programs, and conceptual based training mechanisms in the developing world is exponential. Yet, developing countries remain eager and strive for their own self-sustainable laboratory programs, in all capacities. Amongst all of this, both the developed and developing world aggressively seek new tools, facilities and programs to combat infectious disease. Unfortunately, as long as funding remains minimal, these needs will remain unmet.

There are few firms that recognize and understand firsthand the distinct challenges research, clinical and diagnostic laboratories face, both in the U.S. and across the developing world. Moreover, few know how to mitigate and quickly adapt to funding and resource limitations in a global context. Alliance Biosciences offers a diverse portfolio of services that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients, in any part of the one world, and one health we share. We provide seamless laboratory design and consulting, serving the following markets:

» Public & Global Health
» Biosecurity/Biodefense
» Government (State, Federal, International)
» Academia
» Industrial & Production

I am pleased to introduce Alliance Biosciences, a comprehensive source of consulting services aimed at providing authoritative solutions for your laboratory needs.

Ryan N. Burnette, Ph.D.